Why Outsource To Bangladesh

Outsource to Bangladesh is your next Destination

Bangladesh is one of the most popular destinations in the world for outsourcing. Like any other country where outsourcing is popular, Bangladesh has skilled manpower that is focused on the service industry and helped Outsource to Bangladesh.

The services which are critical in nature and require high technical skills can be taken care of due to highly educated individuals ready to deal with any job given.

Such services can be delivered only by enabling necessary human resources that are ready to deal with the service. Hence many educational institutes are set in the country to ensure proper training of people so they become qualified professionals.

Bangladesh trains qualified professionals on a huge scale that are focused on dealing with the wide demand of quality services for western businesses. This training is completed with a special focus on the language skills.

Outsource to Bangladesh

Outsource to Bangladesh has many advantages when it comes too compared to its neighbors. It has potential advantage especially in the terms of infrastructure with other important resources that its neighbours lack.

But the advantages don’t just end there. There are a number of other reasons why you should choose Bangladesh to outsource.

Cost benefits

– Theres huge savings when working with Bangladesh. The typical and minimum wages in the country are far less than in those of the western countries.

It just doesn’t end at low wages, living standard and other daily commodoties are also very affordable and lower compared to western countries. Thus Bangladeshis can survive on wages that are very low when compared with countries like U.S and UK.

Large population of skilled professionals

– With over 160 million populations, there is huge opportunity in Bangladesh. The country has a sizeable educational infrastructure where many are trained to handle tough tasks and jobs.

Outsourcing to Bangladesh means you have access to hundreds and millions of highly skilled professionals that are affordable to work with in just about any industry.

Timezone advantage

– Bangladesh is hard at work to provide services in the outsourcing industry. This is why more people here are geared to work with the western countries time zone. Support for work is available 24/7/365.

Operations scaling

– with low inflation rate and high population in the educated sector, working with Bangladesh means you can partner for a long time to come without worrying about ever losing to paying high wages.

Customer satisfaction

– the Bangladeshi culture teaches its people to remain positive and modest with humans from different nationalities, religions and sects, thus providing great customer support and satisfaction. A huge number of people are also trained well in the language department making sure no gaps are left there.

Better return on investment – with a steady growth of GDP and low inflation rate, you will never have to worry about losing your investment in the long run. Bangladesh has approximately 50 million civilian labor force actively working to ensure that every advantage is met.

English skilled

– English is compulsory in most educational institutes. The educational institutes and other training programs ensure that every Bangali is able to speak proficient English with accents similar to the western countries.

Bangladeshis are specifically trained to deal in the American Accent of English, which makes them perfect for outsourcing jobs that require customer dealings.

Culture differences – Culturaly Bangladesh is a bit different from western countries, but the people here understand the western cultural quite well. The western culture is widely popular amongst people of young age – the same people your outsourcing is handled by.

With a good understanding of western culture, people in Bangladesh are ready to handle just about any kind of customer dealing with emphasis on emotional connection.

Highly educated workforce – Bangladeshi universities and other educational institutes are training thousands and thousands of highly educated professionals steadily. Every year thousands of people are trianed to deal with sectors pertaining to marketing/communications, business administration and Information Technology.

Deep understanding of outsourcing – Bangladesh has been providing outsourcing services for over 20 years to western countries. This has allowed many businesses to specifically train people to deal with jobs of this nature.

Hence there are over 5 million people in the country that are already working with foreign companies and have plenty of experience to work with new companies.

Holiday timing – companies in Bangladesh understand that holiday period is very tough for companies in the western countries. This is why the holiday policy of Bangladesh allows people to take holidays on demand, giving you the opportunity to work in full force during the western holiday season.

Better infrastructure and access to high end technology – compared to its neighboring countries, Bangladesh has a very high end infastructure that depends on high end technology. Thus its people are well trained to handle new technologies when ever they are available.

Since Bangladesh has to do a lot with high end technological infrastructure, most people have the technical know how to work with different forms of software. Moreover, due to this nature, a lot of people show natural talent in technology and software.

Proven Track record – there are several big name western countries already operating in the Bangladesh. The destination is home to some of the biggest names like Hewlett Packared, Virgin and others.

Bangladesh enjoys great reputation with western countries like U.S, UK and Australia.

Government supported outsourcing programs – The government of Bangladesh officially supports the outsourcing and offshore industry. Because of that the industry has seen steady growth over the past years.

This growth is expected to increase exponationally over the coming years. Thanks to the great support by the government, the outsourcing industry has become a force to reckon with in the country. This allows you to find the kind of solution you are looking for easily and with affordability in mind.

Undisturbed internet connection – Bangladesh enjoys fast internet connection that is both stable and uninterrupted. Unlike some of its neighboring countries where internet is only available through a single submarine cable, Bangladesh is quite an advantage to work with.

Undisturbed power – the surrounding countries of Bangladesh have a serious problem with power. As demand for electricity increases, most of its neighboring countries are now dealing with power crisis.

But in Bangladesh, people enjoy uninterrupted power and internet to ensure that no problems or delays arise.

Dedicated IT sector – with over 500 registered companies in the Information Technology department, Bangladesh has a very powerful workforce when it comes to IT.

The people understand IT like none other and are able to deal with just about anything that is related to IT.

A comprehensive education system – Bangladesh has a very strong educational and training system. This system has ensured that the country maintains the already good level of cutting edge skills required to match the international competitiveness.

The educational system is training individuals to understand the different demographics of the world so they can keep up with pace western countries are moving on.

Certification backed organizations – the government requires every company or institute in the Bangladesh to set up according to international standards. For that, certification is required which limits the companies to obtain task force that meets the minimum requirements for skills and language (specifically English).

If you are still wondering why you should outsource to Bangladesh, here is a little report of how outsourcing and other related services are doing in the country:

  • 15,000 and more Bangladeshis provide freelancing services around the globe
  • The country has more than 500 registered companies in the information technology field.
  • The workforce in these companies is more than 20,000 workers

Furthermore, outsourcing costs are dramatically rising in neighboring countries like India, phillippines and China. Bangladesh however is still preferred for affordibility and access to skills that are otherwise very hard to find in the countries mentioned.

Every day newer companies are opening that are offering more and more outsourcing services. This is increasing the internal competition and people are getting better and better to deal with more complex technologies.

For you, this means you will enjoy working with some of the most talented and well mannared people in the world.

Bangladesh has over 150m population of which almost 60 percent are still under the 25 age group. This gives you an opportunity to work with people who are just beginning in the professional field and are ready for growth.

The outsourcing sector which came into being in 2004 is now almost worth $120 million. This number is expected to significantly grow in the upcoming years as more and more countries enter for outsourcing services in the Bangladesh.

Even the government has officially declared and working on a campaign to make Bangladesh completely a digitalized country by the end of 2020.

Some of the most popular services being outsourced to Bangladesh include web development and design, web application design, software design, smartphone application design, graphics design, video and animation, content creation, virtual assistants and many other services.

With so many satisfied clients all over the world, its time for you to join hands with Bangladesh and see the success your competitors are enjoying.

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