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    Apparel Summit


    The Apparel Summit will be the first of its kind in Bangladesh, where BGMEA will present her vision of the apparel sector titled “RMG 2021- $50 Billion in 50 Years”. The vision will be followed by a series of panel discussions on contemporary issues & forward looking dialogues addressing the need to reach the desired vision. The panel discussions will bring together global minds, experts, journalists, investors, global brands & policy makers with other key stakeholders.

    Session Details:

    Opening remarks

    Bangladesh RMG  2021- Reaching $50 billion in 50 Years

    This session will cover present business and investment trends, global sourcing dynamics and potentials for Bangladesh, prior issues to support the growth potentials such as infrastructure/port/SEZs, power/gas, human resources development, compliance issues, prudent commercial diplomacy & political stability, supportive policies and coordination between different government agencies, product & market diversification etc. The discussions will focus on devising a strategic action plan to overcome the existing challenges and realize the potentials.

    Infrastructure: The Road to Chittagong and Beyond

    What are the infrastructure and supply chain issues if the industry is to achieve the goals, and how do we resolve them?

    Future of Our Workers

    Where the RMG sector is situated now, and how did it get there? Can the sector ensure safe working conditions? Workers have been a key component to a successful industry, so, what is their future? What will the role of workers be, as the industry is mechanized? This session will focus on the perspective of purposely built manufacturing in a modern era.  The session will also brief on progresses made since the inspection initiatives, for example NTAP, Accord & Alliance, started working. A consolidated report of the factory inspections will be shared. The session will also focus on workers’ rights issues, particularly – the progresses achieved in terms of freedom of association, policy changes, capacity building of the government and private stakeholders, donors support, engagement of the diplomatic community and brands.

    Reinventing the Apparel Model – The Race to Responsible Sourcing

    This session will cover sustainability issues from the perspective of global value chain, accountability of the stakeholders across the value chain, and responsible entrepreneurship.

    End of the Day – Announcement by MC

    Next Day:
    Market Diversification

    Environmental Sustainability – A Must, Not an Option

    This session will look at the questions of environmentally sustainable economic growth in a densely populated country, and examine how the RMG sector can meet the standards required. This will cover environmental health and safety, resource efficiency, environmental footprint, global agenda on environment, impact on buying pattern, preparedness, and green concept.

    Building Leaders for Building Bangladesh

    This session will focus on establishing the importance of building leaders within the industry to achieve excellence. The discussions will connect local leadership to economic value creation, bringing uniqueness and diversity in investment, and establish Bangladeshi brands & multinationals. The aim of the discussion will be to create an understanding on the importance of building local leadership for securing national interests.

    Product Innovation and Value Creation – Trajectory to Fashion World

    This session will focus on strategic path of Bangladesh’s garment industry, an evaluation of this industry in terms of capacity to value addition, product innovation and diversity, availability of skills & expertise, and moving upward from the bottom of the fashion pyramid. The discussion will aim to set a vision for the apparel industry in terms of its presence in the world fashion industry, and will outline a strategy to achieve that vision. Discussions may cover topics like product research & development, venture capital, strategic alliance with design houses, etc.  This session will also focus on the importance of industry and nation branding for the progress of the garment industry in Bangladesh. The discussions will be aimed to find a holistic/national approach toward branding Bangladesh and its apparel industry and bring all the critical stakeholders on the same boat like – media, NGOs, civil society, etc.

    Building Future Factory
    Social Impact – Can RMG Sector help Bangladesh to become a Middle Income Country?

    This session will focus on the role the apparel industry has been playing for the economic independence, social uplift and better livelihoods of Bangladeshi people. The progress toward women empowerment, poverty alleviation and human development indicators will be discussed. The aim of this session will be to establish a common understanding on how important the labor intensive apparel industry is for building the future of a country like Bangladesh where population is abundant and is the core asset of the country.
    Plenary & Closing


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