Tips on cleaning your drains

Slow drains are often a sign of clogging or accumulation of dirt or grease. If you are facing the problem of slow drains, it means you need to clean the drains quickly. Remember to clean your drains doesn’t mean you will have to use harsh chemicals. Drains can be clean and free from clutter and clogs without the use of harsh chemicals.

There are many chemicals and cleaners available in the market, which claim to clean the drains, but they do damage the pipes in the process. In fact, if you use these chemicals or kits too often, you will be damaging your entire plumbing system.

The question is when should we clean the drains and how often?

Kitchen Drains and Sinks:

Ideally kitchen drains and sinks should be cleaned at least twice in a week. You can pour down hot water. This will help in preventing stickiness or grime which cause build-up in the interior spaces. You can also pour one cup of vinegar in the drain. Let the vinegar sit for at least 10 minutes. You can then wash this vinegar down the drain with hot water. This will help in keeping the drain clean and free from clogs.

Bathroom Drains:

You should keep the bathroom drains clean everyday. You need to be alert that you are now flushing things which can clog the drain. A little alertness will help in smooth flow of waste water without fear of clogs.

However, if you ever feel the drain is slow or there is back-up in spite of your regular cleaning, you should ideally call the experts without delay. The clog might be down the drain and you are not getting access to it with your home remedies. Professionals will arrive with the right equipment and tools to clear the drain.

Thus, depending on the condition of the drain you might have to clean it on a regular basis.

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