What to do about a leaking tankless water heater

Though a leaking water heater is not an unusual phenomenon, it can cause a lot of stress and anxiety in the minds of the owner. In most situations, a leaking tankless water heater doesn’t actually mean any problem, but it is definitely one of those situations when you would like to act really quickly. No one likes to leave the problem as it, fears safety issues or damage to the water heater.

Tankless water heaters usually leak from the bottom and if this happens, it needs to be taken care of soon. It is also important to understand the main reasons behind water leaking of such water heaters.

Release Valve:

There is a temperature pressure release valve in the appliance which has the sole purpose of releasing water, in case there is lot of pressure in the tank. In case you see lots of water just under the water heater, you need to thoroughly check the discharge tube for the existence of moisture. If you find there is moisture, then this is probably where the problem is. In such a situation, the only option you have is, replacing the valve. This will help in fixing the problem quickly.

Leakage in the Tank:

If you notice that the leak exists in the tank, there might be some internal problem. There can be a broken component as well. This usually occurs due to build-up of sediment in the tank. This is usually caused due to cracking and rusting of the internal parts. If this happens, you need to call the professionals immediately. If your plumber feels the need, you might have to replace the appliance completely.

If you are trying to fix the leakage, you need to first turn off the power and then check the system. There is an emergency shutdown sticker, which explains well how things need to be done.  It is always good to call professionals, even if you have been able to fix the problem. If you call professionals your problem gets solved in a short time and future problems might be reduced as well.

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